WOMENS SWIMMING GOGGLES – Read this to find out why they are different

Womens Swimming Goggles


  Why are they different?

well to be honest, womens swim goggles are not hugely different to look at, apart from the obvious more feminine choice of frame colors, but they can be very different in the way that they fit.

Most ladies, but certainly not all, will find that no matter how large their head is the width of the face is narrower than that of the average man and eyes a little closer together. Due to this main difference the good quality lady fit goggles will fit better with the seal being a much secure when in the water. The mens goggles can often be too wide and too deep to fit ladies faces well and this can lead to annoying leaks during your swim.

Some ladies are tempted often by the cheaper price to try junior swimming goggles but this is usually unsuccessful because the junior swim goggles have a much smaller head strap and shorter nose bridge with smaller lenses which give a somewhat restricted vision for the adult swimmer and for most adult swimmers are uncomfortable and unwearable.



So how to choose…..

Very much the same principles can be applied here as for any user of swimming goggles really. Choose a frame that fits your face shape. One which is comfortable to wear and will make a good honest seal around the face and will stay on well even if just for a few seconds without even securing the head strap. This means that the basic shape of the frame is the right one for your face. A good secure fit over the bridge of the nose will make sure that no water creeps in here either and a goggle which is relatively easy to adjust will ensure that there are no last minute frustrations on the side of the pool.

Something lightweight and functional is usually the key and to stretch the budget if you can as you will not grow out them they should be seen as a good investment to enhance your overall experience during your swim.(as long as you don’t leave them hanging in the changing room….really annoying!!!)



How to avoid the dreaded panda eyes

Another major factor for us girls is the ring marks that can be left behind on the face following a swimming session. To look like you have been thumped in the eye for a few hours following your swim is not desirable or attractive and the best way to avoid this would be in ensuring the best fit that you can so that the strap of the goggles does not have to be worn so tight that it causes these horrid marks to make an appearance. In my experience, it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve absolutely no mark whatsoever but you can certainly minimize the effect the indentations make by having the best fit in the first place.


Another way to avoid leaving marks on your face is to wear a larger mask style goggle which will sit much further down on the face, almost on the cheekbone so avoiding the really delicate soft under eye skin completely. This works for me and as I age (gracefully of course) I feel that the delicate skin close to eye takes even longer to pop back into shape and cheek flesh is much more bouncy and better at popping out more quickly.


There are several goggles currently on the market which are specifically targeted at ladies to help minimize the effect of the dreaded red rings that can be caused by ill-fitting goggles. one of the best, in my opinion, is the Vista lady Goggle made Aqua Sphere.

The ones I have used are cushioned with very soft silicone seals and sit very gently on the soft tissue of the eye, almost like an airbag, applying enough pressure to make a good seal but not too much to cause the deep redness that can sometimes happen with the cheaper models.







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