swimming goggle lenses…why are they different colours and how do i choose the best ones for me?

Swimming goggles come in many shapes and sizes but this article is going to focus on the lens.

Why are the lenses different colours and what are the different colours suppose to help?

Different light conditions and uses and different environments that you may find yourself in are all factors that will affect your decision.

Clear swimming goggle lenses

A clear lens offers the best vision in a low light situation. They offer the best clarity of vision for indoor swimming and let in the most light of all the coloured lenses on offer. They can be used outside as most are given a UV protective coating but they will not reduce the light level or reduce the glare from the sun.

The Best uses would be for indoor swimming pools, low light conditions or dimly lit areas. They are a great choice for leisure swimming, fitness swimming and for competitions


Polarized lenses

a polarized lens is specifically designed to cut down the light or glare which can sometimes be a real pain if you are swimming outdoors on a bright and sunny day (lucky you!!) These lenses are specially designed to filter out the glare as the sun bounces off the lake or the sea.

The Best uses would be Triathlon or open water swimming where there is a high light intensity. They can also be used indoors but may reduce the vision slightly in a low light area.


Mirrored swimming goggles lenses

Mirrored swimming goggle lens are often favored by competition swimmers as they look pretty cool and psychologically some swimmers feel that they give them a bit of an edge. They are quite dark to look through and are designed to cut down on the amount of light that reaches the swimmers eye. however, they will reduce the amount of light so are not ideal in low level conditions

The Best uses are for competition swimming or high light areas……or just to look cool!!

Smoke coloured swimming goggle lenses

As the name would suggest these lenses are smoked in appearance and are designed to reduce some light hitting the swimmers eye. They will put a light tint on things but can be used effectively in most situations.

They are best used in regular swimming pools indoors or outdoors as they will offer some reduction in the glare but there are better options for sunny open water conditions

Coloured swimming Goggle lenses

pink coloured lenses – these offer the best contrast against blue and green objects

orange coloured lenses – these are designed to heighten contrast in both low and high level light conditions. They really can make everything around you appear much brighter.

Purple lenses – these are designed to reduce glare in very bright conditions

Photochromatic swimming goggle lenses

These lenses are excellent and actually react to the light and automatically adjust to your surrounding conditions. They darken when its bright and lighten when it is not. They are therefore ideal for outdoor swimming pools and open water swimming or triathlons, when the sun can go in and out.

Photochromatic goggles help to reduce eye fatigue as the lens will react with the light conditions










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