PRESCRIPTION GOGGLES FOR SWIMMING – all you need to know and more!!

There are many reasons that people choose to wear swim goggles.
The main one is probably that the Chlorine and other associated products are not good for the eyes and can cause really sore and itchy red eyes not to mention runny noses for hours after you have left the pool. But for one group of people prescription swimming goggles are a must as without them they can’t see a thing.

We are talking about those of us who wear glasses or contacts on dry land and struggle to see anything without them.


Prescription goggles – The lowdown


There are now quite a few manufacturers that have cottoned onto the fact that this is an ever growing market as the population are encouraged at every turn to get out and get fit. Swimming is without doubt for some a brilliant form of exercise which allows non weight bearing activity at a high level but offers a really good workout for the whole body including the lungs! or even just a way to relax in our ever busy world of work, school and life in general.

Prescription goggles are quite readily available now from many manufactures and can offer the wearer a chance to see the world whilst in the pool. It can be quite dangerous for people to enter the water when they can’t really see who is nearby and where the end of the swimming lane actually is. It can also be very embarrassing as you stand and chat with compete stranger for a few minutes before you realize that is actually not your partner………



Which Brand?


All the usual suspects will offer a one or two prescription goggles in their ranges with Speedo at the top of my list but also my personal favorite Aquasphere Eagle. This goggle will allow the user the change the lens of each eye thus getting a really excellent custom-made fit. It is a really well-made goggle in its own right even for non-prescription swimmers, offering an excellent soft Italian silicon seal and plenty of depth to the actual lens itself which avoids the eyelashes scrapping across the lens when you blink. Super easy to adjust the head strap too and offers really good peripheral vision.

Prescription goggles are not a cheap option but for the wearer can make a massive difference in your ability to enjoy your swim and be more confident that you are not entering the wrong changing room or chatting away to complete strangers!!

Will they be as good as my regular lenses?

I think that it is fair to say that the answer to this question is no.

In my experience I have noticed that it takes a short time for your eyes to adjust to the goggles. Also, they may not provide the same level of correction as your regular day glasses but they are more than adequate to do the job.

Not all prescriptions are the same for both eyes so make sure that you watch out for this when considering your next purchase.

Are they available in different sizes?

Yes. Adults and kids prescription swimming goggles are available.


How do I care for them?

just like regular goggles really making sure to ….

Keep lenses as free as possible from dirt and grease,

Always try to store goggles in the bag provided to prevent scratching whilst being carried in your bag

resist the temptation to wipe the inside of the lenses with anything such as a finger or cloth as doing this may make smears or scratches appear on the anti-fog coating. This is good advice to all goggles provided with an anti-fog lenses.

Dont leave your goggles in the direct sunlight for long periods of time and avoid sunscreens and lotions from coming into contact with your goggles too.


So get out and get swimming.. now you’ll just have to find another reason not to get in the water but

 “well I can’t swim because I wear glasses”

is not an option…..








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  1. Hello,
    one of my favorite is not to swim. When I’m in the water and swimming I feel free and really good for my body.
    It’s very important for me to use swimming goggles, but I always buy not the right ones. That’s why I think that your site will be very useful to me.
    Thank you.
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    Nikolay Spasov

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