doggy goggles- well who knew? goggles for dogs?

doggy goggleGoggles are not just for humans!!!

Dog goggles

these are indeed actually a thing. just like we use sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun well dogs can benefit from these too. So not actually designed just to keep water our but offering a really good level of protection for your hound.

The dog goggles come in many sizes to protect your dogs and many colours too, They are very easy to use and easy to fit with two straps. one goes behind the head and the other under the chin. The frames are flexible and the lenses are soft anti-fog poly carbonate and shatterproof.

The tech spec……

  • Recommended by vets for both physical protection and protection from UV light
  • Extra wide nose bridge
  • Deep lens cup, padded and flexible rubber frame
  • Soft elastic adjustable head and chin straps
  • 100-Percent UV protection, anti-fog, shatterproof lenses

guidelines for using the doggies goggles

Most dogs will be happy to wear the goggles following a small amount of adjustment time if you follow these guidelines…

1. only put the goggles on your pouch when you are outside…. you wouldn’t wear your sunglasses inside, would you?

2. Take the dog into direct sunlight to show him that he can see through the goggles and try to get him used to the feel. try to distract him if he tries to paw or scratch at the lenses

3. Depending on your dog you may need to be patient while he gets used to wearing his new dog goggles and you may need to repeat the above processes several times.

so from your Chihuahua to your Rottweiler, there are doggy goggles that will fit and look cool and stylish and offer protection from debris whether your dog rides in the back of the pickup in the sidecar or tank bag of the motorcycle this is a must-have for the coolest hound in town.

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