doggy goggles- well who knew? goggles for dogs?

doggy goggleGoggles are not just for humans!!!

Dog goggles

these are indeed actually a thing. just like we use sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun well dogs can benefit from these too. So not actually designed just to keep water our but offering a really good level of protection for your hound.

The dog goggles come in many sizes to protect your dogs and many colours too, They are very easy to use and easy to fit with two straps. one goes behind the head and the other under the chin. The frames are flexible and the lenses are soft anti-fog poly carbonate and shatterproof.

The tech spec……

  • Recommended by vets for both physical protection and protection from UV light
  • Extra wide nose bridge
  • Deep lens cup, padded and flexible rubber frame
  • Soft elastic adjustable head and chin straps
  • 100-Percent UV protection, anti-fog, shatterproof lenses

guidelines for using the doggies goggles

Most dogs will be happy to wear the goggles following a small amount of adjustment time if you follow these guidelines…

1. only put the goggles on your pouch when you are outside…. you wouldn’t wear your sunglasses inside, would you?

2. Take the dog into direct sunlight to show him that he can see through the goggles and try to get him used to the feel. try to distract him if he tries to paw or scratch at the lenses

3. Depending on your dog you may need to be patient while he gets used to wearing his new dog goggles and you may need to repeat the above processes several times.

so from your Chihuahua to your Rottweiler, there are doggy goggles that will fit and look cool and stylish and offer protection from debris whether your dog rides in the back of the pickup in the sidecar or tank bag of the motorcycle this is a must-have for the coolest hound in town.

swimming goggle lenses…why are they different colours and how do i choose the best ones for me?

Swimming goggles come in many shapes and sizes but this article is going to focus on the lens.

Why are the lenses different colours and what are the different colours suppose to help?

Different light conditions and uses and different environments that you may find yourself in are all factors that will affect your decision.

Clear swimming goggle lenses

A clear lens offers the best vision in a low light situation. They offer the best clarity of vision for indoor swimming and let in the most light of all the coloured lenses on offer. They can be used outside as most are given a UV protective coating but they will not reduce the light level or reduce the glare from the sun.

The Best uses would be for indoor swimming pools, low light conditions or dimly lit areas. They are a great choice for leisure swimming, fitness swimming and for competitions


Polarized lenses

a polarized lens is specifically designed to cut down the light or glare which can sometimes be a real pain if you are swimming outdoors on a bright and sunny day (lucky you!!) These lenses are specially designed to filter out the glare as the sun bounces off the lake or the sea.

The Best uses would be Triathlon or open water swimming where there is a high light intensity. They can also be used indoors but may reduce the vision slightly in a low light area.


Mirrored swimming goggles lenses

Mirrored swimming goggle lens are often favored by competition swimmers as they look pretty cool and psychologically some swimmers feel that they give them a bit of an edge. They are quite dark to look through and are designed to cut down on the amount of light that reaches the swimmers eye. however, they will reduce the amount of light so are not ideal in low level conditions

The Best uses are for competition swimming or high light areas……or just to look cool!!

Smoke coloured swimming goggle lenses

As the name would suggest these lenses are smoked in appearance and are designed to reduce some light hitting the swimmers eye. They will put a light tint on things but can be used effectively in most situations.

They are best used in regular swimming pools indoors or outdoors as they will offer some reduction in the glare but there are better options for sunny open water conditions

Coloured swimming Goggle lenses

pink coloured lenses – these offer the best contrast against blue and green objects

orange coloured lenses – these are designed to heighten contrast in both low and high level light conditions. They really can make everything around you appear much brighter.

Purple lenses – these are designed to reduce glare in very bright conditions

Photochromatic swimming goggle lenses

These lenses are excellent and actually react to the light and automatically adjust to your surrounding conditions. They darken when its bright and lighten when it is not. They are therefore ideal for outdoor swimming pools and open water swimming or triathlons, when the sun can go in and out.

Photochromatic goggles help to reduce eye fatigue as the lens will react with the light conditions










BEST KIDS SWIMMING GOGGLES REVIEW for infants 2-6 years and juniors 6 -14years

With so many to choose from I have tried to help by reviewing the best kids goggles that I could find. Some I have used with my own children and some I have recommended to me by other users. (well mostly by the parents to be honest!)

Aqua Sphere Seal Kid II

3-12 years

  • Four-point expanded vision
  • New Quick-Fit one-touch buckles
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Comfortable, leak resistant skirt
  • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens

Easy to fit and really easy to adjust. gives really good peripheral vision and is soft and flexible on the face…my personal favorite. it is a little more expensive than some on the market but worth every penny.


prices from £13.99


Speedo Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 competition Swim Goggles

10 – 15 years
  • Excellent competitive and training goggle that features soft silicone seals
  • UV protected lenses block the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Anti-Fog coating prevents the condensation of water
  • PVC and Latex Free
  • Includes 4 interchangeable nose pieces for custom fit
  • Speedo’s top performance junior goggle designed to fit smaller, narrower faces with updated styling and 25% more peripheral vision
  • Ultra low profile design for the high performance, competitive swimmer aged 12 and up. Ideal for races and training
  • Dual color, silicone, double head strap and ergonomic adjustable back clip
  • Three interchangeable nose pieces for custom fit
  • UV protection and Anti-Fog coating in a poly carbonate lens for improved safety and visibility

This goggle not only looks cool but also offers the more serious swimmers a low profile racing goggle. The fit is good and is always popular amongst the keen young swimmers. If you are looking for something to give you the racing edge then this is the one for you.


prices from £13.99

Aqua sphere Kaiman small fit goggles

Age 6-14

  • Easy-adjust buckle system
  • Plexisol® lens
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • 180-degree distortion-free visibility
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Small Fit for Smaller Faces

This is one of my favorite goggles for a smaller face. It is light and easy to use, easy to adjust and super flexible to fit many size faces. available in several colours and gives really good visibility.

Best place to buy AMAZON

prices from £10.99


Speedo junior Biofuse Goggles

6 – 14 years
  • Soft seals enhance comfort
  • Flexible frame adapts to face
  • Core strength for stability on your face
  • Anti-fog vision and sun protection
  • Soft seals for a leak-free comfortable fit and reduced marks around the eyes

This goggle is so easy to wear. it sits comfortably on the face and makes a good seal for most shape faces. A good value goggle which is easy to wear and with curved lens technology fits well with good vision.


Prices from £13.99

Speedo Biofuse Rift Mask Junior Goggles

6-14 years
  • Large seals for increased comfort
  • Clear lens – designed for low light and ideal for indoor swimming
  • Bio fuse goggles mold to the shape of your face for a cushioned, leak-free comfortable fit
  • Super soft seals – for a leak-free comfortable fit and reduced marks around the eyes
  • Flexible frame – adapts to the contours of your face for an individual fit

Again this is a larger mask style goggle which gives really good vision and a very easy fit for the wearer. Not the cheapest option but worth it if you are looking for a reliable fit from a well known brand.


prices from £18.99


Speedo sea squad infants kids goggles 

2-6 years

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for children aged 2-6
  • Silicone frame and integrated seal for enhanced comfort and durability
  • Bright fun colours
  • Adjustable nose bridge to fit a range of face shapes

This fun, bright goggle is designed for junior swimmers aged 2-6 years who are learning how to swim. Quality, child-friendly goggles with easy back button adjustment; they are the perfect accessory for building a child’s confidence in water.

good value for beginner


prices start from £10.99

Speedo skoogle infants swimming goggles

2-6 years

The Skoogle kids goggle is perfect for building your child’s confidence in the water. Available in a range of fun, bright colours so your child can pick their favorite, these goggles are child-friendly and are easy to adjust. The UV filter protects your child’s eyes from the sun making them ideal for outdoor swimming and holidays. They also have anti-fog technology so children can see clearly underwater.

Best place to buy: AMAZON

prices from £6


So as you can see there are many many junior swimming goggles to choose from but hopefully this will help you narrow down the choice a little depending on what level you are at with your swim training and how much you have to spend.

Any questions please feel free to ask and leave your comments below.

thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope it has helped.

kerie jo






So here is…

JUST what you have been looking for.

The best womens swimming goggles reviewed side by side for your ease.

Enjoy and go ahead and buy with confidence……

1. Aqua sphere womens Vista Swimming Goggles

The Vista womens swimming goggle features the best in Aqua Sphere technology, with a comfortable, leak resistant skirt and a ­contoured, stylized frame, the Vista is low profile and virtually eliminates all the drag experienced with other swimming masks. With its one-touch buckle, you are ensured a comfortable, custom fit so you can focus on your swimming. Best fit for eliminating the marks around the sensitive soft eye tissue as they sit down lower on the cheekbone.

  • Wraparound, 180-degree visibility
  • Quick-Fit™ one-touch adjustments
  • Comfortable, leak resistant Silicone skirt
  • 100% UVA & UVB protection
  • Durable Polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog and scratch resistant coating
  • Sized for a woman’s face

these goggles are by far the best fit for all shape faces and are my personal favorite. They are larger than most but fit well and give really good visibility. They also avoid the old panda eyes.


prices from £24.99

2. AQUA SPHERE Ladies Kaiman Exo Swimming goggles

The new Kaiman Exo incorporates first-of-its kind EXO-core bi-material frame technology that combines maximum stability with comfort. The Kaiman Exo is the perfect for the everyday swimmer looking to maximize comfort and durability

  • Patented curved lens with 180 degree field of vision
  • Advanced Fit Technology
  • Micrometric strap adjustment buckles
  • EXO-Core Technology with Softeril gaskets
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Plexisol lenses with Anti-fog and Anti-scratch treatments
  • Silicone split strap
  • Latex-free
  • Smaller Fit for a woman’s face

these are great if you want a lower profile look with a good soft silicone seal


prices from £19.99

3. Zoggs womens Fusion Air Goggles MIRROR

Zoggs Fusion Air Mirror Swimming Goggles, featuring Air Cushion technology to provide a ‘cushioned’ seal which gives an ‘almost not there’ fit with significantly reduced marking around the eye. The low profile frame creates a close, aqua-dynamic fit for optimum performance, and the interchangeable nose bridge allows for a customized fit. The mirrored lenses are ideal for bright conditions and direct sunlight, reducing glare and reflections of the sun. Offering UV protection, 180° peripheral vision and Fogbuster™ anti-fog, you can discover exceptional clarity when swimming outdoors.

  • Ideal for outdoor and open water swimming
  • Titanium lenses offer added protection from reflected light
  • Air Cushion Technology for a super soft and contoured fit
  • Air filled gaskets significantly reduce markings around the eyes
  • CLT™ Curved Lens Technology offers 180 degree peripheral vision
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Fogbuster™ anti-fog lenses offer fantastic moisture control
  • Low profile sleek design
  • Easy adjust strap for fantastic strength, comfort an d durability
  • Double band strap reduces pressure around the eyes

These are a really great look and comfy. Competition style with the fit of a leisure goggle.


prices from £21.99


4.Speedo womens Futura Biofuse Goggles

The Speedo Women’s Futura Biofuse goggle is specifically designed to fit the shape of female faces. Soft and flexible materials provide enhanced comfort and fit; whilst a rigid structure helps to give the goggle exceptional stability, swim after swim. Cushioned comfort seals reduce leakage and marks around your eyes, and the anti-fog ultra-lenses provide excellent vision and clarity whilst swimming underwater. The Futura Biofusegoggle is also quick and easy to adjust and protects your eyes from the sun’s rays with UV protection. All these features make this a great goggle for regular swimming.

  • Specially designed for women
  • Ergonomic female fit for a smaller face shape
  • Speedo Biofuse technology engineered for maximum comfort with no lens distortion
  • AntiFog Ultra provides excellent vision and clarity
  • Fit and styling based on the ever popular Futura goggle
  • Protects the eyes from the sun’s rays
  • SpeedFIT allows quick and easy fitting
  • Goggle pouch included
  • Composition: Lens – Cellulose Proprionate, Seal – Thermoplastic rubber, Strap – silicone, Frame – Polypropylene

A really good combination of style and comfort.  They fit well and look good.  Easy to fit too.


prices from £24.99

5.V-Class Virtue Mirror Female Goggle

A new standard in underwater vision and style

Combining premium materials and precision engineering with award-winning design that’s specific for the female face, the Virtue Mirror is the go-to goggle when you’re pushing your limits. Class-leading lens technology makes for excellent underwater clarity, while Speedo’s most advanced goggle technology ever, IQfit™, ensures a leak-free, secure fit and reduced marks around the eyes.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured using premium materials with precision engineering
  • Size, shape and style designed to specifically compliment the female face
  • New superior anti-fog technology for 2 times longer lasting vision
  • Stylish wrap around lenses for enhanced peripheral vision
  • IQfit™ 3D goggle seal for a leak-free, secure fit and reduced marks around the eyes
  • Mirror lenses for reduced brightness and ultimate style

these are great goggles if you are looking for a more dynamic and sleek look. They fit tight in the socket for a real low profile fit.  They are build for speed and performance.


prices from £47.99



I hope that you have enjoyed this review.  if you have any questions then please leave any comments down below and be sure to let me know if you have any personal experience, good or bad.


jojo x









WOMENS SWIMMING GOGGLES – Read this to find out why they are different

Womens Swimming Goggles


  Why are they different?

well to be honest, womens swim goggles are not hugely different to look at, apart from the obvious more feminine choice of frame colors, but they can be very different in the way that they fit.

Most ladies, but certainly not all, will find that no matter how large their head is the width of the face is narrower than that of the average man and eyes a little closer together. Due to this main difference the good quality lady fit goggles will fit better with the seal being a much secure when in the water. The mens goggles can often be too wide and too deep to fit ladies faces well and this can lead to annoying leaks during your swim.

Some ladies are tempted often by the cheaper price to try junior swimming goggles but this is usually unsuccessful because the junior swim goggles have a much smaller head strap and shorter nose bridge with smaller lenses which give a somewhat restricted vision for the adult swimmer and for most adult swimmers are uncomfortable and unwearable.



So how to choose…..

Very much the same principles can be applied here as for any user of swimming goggles really. Choose a frame that fits your face shape. One which is comfortable to wear and will make a good honest seal around the face and will stay on well even if just for a few seconds without even securing the head strap. This means that the basic shape of the frame is the right one for your face. A good secure fit over the bridge of the nose will make sure that no water creeps in here either and a goggle which is relatively easy to adjust will ensure that there are no last minute frustrations on the side of the pool.

Something lightweight and functional is usually the key and to stretch the budget if you can as you will not grow out them they should be seen as a good investment to enhance your overall experience during your swim.(as long as you don’t leave them hanging in the changing room….really annoying!!!)



How to avoid the dreaded panda eyes

Another major factor for us girls is the ring marks that can be left behind on the face following a swimming session. To look like you have been thumped in the eye for a few hours following your swim is not desirable or attractive and the best way to avoid this would be in ensuring the best fit that you can so that the strap of the goggles does not have to be worn so tight that it causes these horrid marks to make an appearance. In my experience, it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve absolutely no mark whatsoever but you can certainly minimize the effect the indentations make by having the best fit in the first place.


Another way to avoid leaving marks on your face is to wear a larger mask style goggle which will sit much further down on the face, almost on the cheekbone so avoiding the really delicate soft under eye skin completely. This works for me and as I age (gracefully of course) I feel that the delicate skin close to eye takes even longer to pop back into shape and cheek flesh is much more bouncy and better at popping out more quickly.


There are several goggles currently on the market which are specifically targeted at ladies to help minimize the effect of the dreaded red rings that can be caused by ill-fitting goggles. one of the best, in my opinion, is the Vista lady Goggle made Aqua Sphere.

The ones I have used are cushioned with very soft silicone seals and sit very gently on the soft tissue of the eye, almost like an airbag, applying enough pressure to make a good seal but not too much to cause the deep redness that can sometimes happen with the cheaper models.







PRESCRIPTION GOGGLES FOR SWIMMING – all you need to know and more!!

There are many reasons that people choose to wear swim goggles.
The main one is probably that the Chlorine and other associated products are not good for the eyes and can cause really sore and itchy red eyes not to mention runny noses for hours after you have left the pool. But for one group of people prescription swimming goggles are a must as without them they can’t see a thing.

We are talking about those of us who wear glasses or contacts on dry land and struggle to see anything without them.


Prescription goggles – The lowdown


There are now quite a few manufacturers that have cottoned onto the fact that this is an ever growing market as the population are encouraged at every turn to get out and get fit. Swimming is without doubt for some a brilliant form of exercise which allows non weight bearing activity at a high level but offers a really good workout for the whole body including the lungs! or even just a way to relax in our ever busy world of work, school and life in general.

Prescription goggles are quite readily available now from many manufactures and can offer the wearer a chance to see the world whilst in the pool. It can be quite dangerous for people to enter the water when they can’t really see who is nearby and where the end of the swimming lane actually is. It can also be very embarrassing as you stand and chat with compete stranger for a few minutes before you realize that is actually not your partner………



Which Brand?


All the usual suspects will offer a one or two prescription goggles in their ranges with Speedo at the top of my list but also my personal favorite Aquasphere Eagle. This goggle will allow the user the change the lens of each eye thus getting a really excellent custom-made fit. It is a really well-made goggle in its own right even for non-prescription swimmers, offering an excellent soft Italian silicon seal and plenty of depth to the actual lens itself which avoids the eyelashes scrapping across the lens when you blink. Super easy to adjust the head strap too and offers really good peripheral vision.

Prescription goggles are not a cheap option but for the wearer can make a massive difference in your ability to enjoy your swim and be more confident that you are not entering the wrong changing room or chatting away to complete strangers!!

Will they be as good as my regular lenses?

I think that it is fair to say that the answer to this question is no.

In my experience I have noticed that it takes a short time for your eyes to adjust to the goggles. Also, they may not provide the same level of correction as your regular day glasses but they are more than adequate to do the job.

Not all prescriptions are the same for both eyes so make sure that you watch out for this when considering your next purchase.

Are they available in different sizes?

Yes. Adults and kids prescription swimming goggles are available.


How do I care for them?

just like regular goggles really making sure to ….

Keep lenses as free as possible from dirt and grease,

Always try to store goggles in the bag provided to prevent scratching whilst being carried in your bag

resist the temptation to wipe the inside of the lenses with anything such as a finger or cloth as doing this may make smears or scratches appear on the anti-fog coating. This is good advice to all goggles provided with an anti-fog lenses.

Dont leave your goggles in the direct sunlight for long periods of time and avoid sunscreens and lotions from coming into contact with your goggles too.


So get out and get swimming.. now you’ll just have to find another reason not to get in the water but

 “well I can’t swim because I wear glasses”

is not an option…..








Swimming Goggles – What is the real difference?

Types of goggles

There are in the main, I would say just four categories :


These, as the name would suggest are aimed at the competitive swimmer.

Competition goggles are generally low profile, technical, and fit close to the eye socket. This tends to reduce drag, making you more hydrodynamic (more streamline)

These goggles are designed to be streamlined with smaller eye gaskets to minimize water drag when competing and to give a secure fit for dives and turns. With the emphasis being on a low profile to minimize water drag, these goggles may not be as comfortable as fitness and leisure goggles but will help to give you a streamlined shape in the water.

2.Practice goggles


The clue again is in the name….. They are for practicing. They are still made to a very high standard but usually offer a little more comfort than the competition goggles due to the fact that they have more rubber on the gasket and this in tern causes less pressure around the eye allowing the user to feel more comfortable for longer.

3.Recreational Goggles  

If you are swimming for reasonably long periods of time, comfort will be your main priority.

Swim training and fitness swimming can involve swimming many lengths in one session and you should therefore choose a goggle that feels comfortable around the eyes. Although cheaper and fairly comfortable, recreational goggles are not great for long swimming excursions. The anti-fog film on the inside of the lenses is more likely to wear off with type of goggle as in most cases the lens are coated rather than impregnated into the lens itself. For regular swimmers this is probably the most popular categories due to the easy and comfortable fit for most face shapes.
If you are just having fun at the pool, you will also want a goggle that feels comfortable so that you can concentrate on having a good time in the water!

4.Swim Masks

Mask style goggles are based loosely on scuba diving masks but do not usually enclose the nose. They sit much lower on the cheek bone and higher in the forehead thus allowing for an excellent seal which will minimize leaks and take a lot of the pressure away from the optical area leaving the user with a much better all round vision. They are very comfortable and ideal for open water swimming and water sports, but more and more swimmers are using them in the pool as they are so comfortable and easy to use.
For most swimmers they’re comfortable and can handle rough water if you are out in the open but are larger and there is definitely more goggle on the face which doesn’t suit everyone in its general appearance

                     Decide what type of swimmer you are and then Dive right in!!                                                            Sorry couldn’t resist that one…..

Adult swimming goggles……… The fit



So Let’s start at the beginning with…..

Adult swimming Goggles

There are many brands that need to be considered when buying adult swimming goggles. Not only the look or the price but most importantly the fit. The frame seal of the goggles should be placed against the eyes and most good retailers will allow you to do this as quite frankly it is the only real way to test the fit properly.

The Seal

take the swimming googles out to the packet carefully and press the frame against your eyes without using the head strap. There are different types of frames available but we can talk about that later. Press the chosen seal firmly against your face and should get a good suction around the entire seal allowing the swimming goggles to stay on the face for a few seconds. After a few seconds the frame may pop off which is absolutely fine as you are not using the strap as there is at least a few seconds of suction to start with. If there is no suction at all then this is probably not the right frame shape for you and you can move on to the next style. Go through the procedure again until you find the correct frame shape for your face. Let’s face it we are all different and what suits your friend will not necessarily suit you.

The strap

The strap is there to keep the goggles on your head and should not be used to create a seal. The strap should be worn at a level in line with your eyes or just gently in an upwards direction and should be adjusted to provide a comfortable and secure fit without leaving heavy ring marks (this is a particular problem for us ladies due to the super soft delicate and sensitive skin below the eyes)

If your chosen swimming goggles have a split strap then one strap should be worn around the head inline with the eyes and the other one should be worn in a slightly higher position and in an upward direction



Nose bridge

Some swimming goggles have a fixed nose bridge which is quite often made of silicone and will stretch to fit comfortably over the nose, whilst others may have adjustable nose bridges which can be altered to fit. Both systems should offer a comfortable solution and depending on the shape of your nose and the depth of your eyes will depend on which style suits you best.

So with all these points in mind you should now be feeling a little more confident in getting the right fit. now we need to move on to the other sizes available



Where to buy swimming goggles

In an ideal world I would always recommend a visit to your local sports store and get help and advice from the trained staff in store. They will be able to help and advise you with your purchase, and will allow you to discuss your swimming goggle needs and help you choose the perfect model for you. But i also  understand that we dont live in an ideal world and that this can be tricky with the busy lives we lead so online purchases are a necessity for a lot of people and using this site may make your decision a little easier for you.






How to choose swimming goggles – where to start?

Swimming goggles – where to start?



When it is time to hit the pool or open waters for a leisurely or competitive swim, you want to have the right goggles to protect your eyes. Goggles not only keep water out of your eyes and help you see better underwater, they also keep your eyes protected against harmful rays when you are swimming outdoors.

Those who swim laps indoors might want to opt for a pair of clear lens goggles, while those who swim outside should opt for polarized lenses to fight off the sun. If you are a competitive swimmer, you’ll want a pair of goggles that are more streamlined and will stay on when you dive in. No matter you’re swimming style or preference, here are just a few pointers to help you choose wisely.



A good pair of goggles can make all the difference to you’re swimming, whether that’s in the local pool, or hitting the open water.

You need to be able to see clearly underwater and adjust the fit easily. If you are an outdoor swimmer, you may want UV protection and mirrored or tinted lenses to reduce the amount of light coming in and help keep the glare down.

Many competitive swimmers like smaller goggles that fit snugly around eye sockets. Anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses should be on your list too. Leisure goggles offer a more comfortable fit sitting mainly on the bone of the eye and there is a recent increase in the use of much larger mask style goggles which were originally made for the open water swimmers but offer a fantastic fit, super wide peripheral vision and stay clear of the soft and easily marked skin around the eyes as they sit much further down the face almost on the cheek bone.

Adults goggles

There are so many adult goggles on the market it is a job to know where to start. One of the main things to understand when looking to buy a new pair of goggles is the fit. This may seem an obvious statement but I have always been amazed how people base their decision purely on the look. This I understand can be the deal clincher but should in my opinion not be the most important feature. Adult swimming goggles should always be tried on at time of purchase and any good store will allow you to do this. There are many goggle shapes to fit all the different faces out there and time needs to be taken when choosing your new pair.

Budget should be a consideration but try not to restrict yourself if possible…..there is usually a good reason for the higher prices demanded by some models. The frames will feel more comfortable due to a better shape during the manufacturing. They are quite often made from better quality material which in turn will be lighter and more comfortable on the face.

Which Brand?

This is always a topic for discussion in store and many people are led by the usual suspects who have the biggest advertising budget but this is not always the way to go.

There are always the market leaders in every niche market and the brands that we feel comfortable with because they have always been around but don’t be fooled into discounting some lesser know brands. There are quite a few smaller brands that offer a fantastic range of goggles at a really competitive price and these should be given fair consideration when buying.

I sometimes feel that some smaller brands out there have to try even harder to and offer a better product, at a very competitive price in order for them to break into the market and survive against the already established brands that are quite often trading on their reputation and market share. They are often not the innovators in the field and in occasion have been caught napping and found themselves playing catch up.

Kids goggles

The fit of a kids goggles is really important.

The lenses are smaller and the nose bridge is shallower. The head strap is smaller but can always be adjusted to fit securely. It can sometimes be the first encounter that a child has with a pair of goggles that can go on to make or break that all important relationship that they have with the water. Swimming under water for the first time with goggles and being able to see this newly discovered underwater world can be a fantastic experience and a wonderful discovery but done with an ill-fitting pair of kids swimming goggles then things can very quickly start to go wrong. Kids can get frustrated and give up easily.

Kid goggles need to be secure, comfortable and allow the user to feel free to dive in and under the water without the need to constantly remove adjust and empty the swimming goggles.

Ladies Goggles

There is an ever-increasing range of ladies goggles on the market today with the manufactures realizing that ladies faces are in the most part slightly narrower than the men. The nose bridges and slightly smaller and lenses are just a little smaller too. However, a good proportion of ladies find that the Unisex adult goggles are just fine when it comes to fit and have no problem wearing either size.

The Answer to the question of Which one?

So in conclusion there is really no one size fits all answer.

Everyone who is in the market for a new or first pair of swimming goggles should take the time and visit their local sports shop with a view to taking time and choosing carefully from the wide range of swimming goggles on the market. Most good shops would let you try them on in store and make sure that the basic shape of the frame fits the face well. You should be able to feel the suction created between you and the frame even without water. If the swimming goggle seals to the air then it is a pretty safe bet that it will be leak free once you are actually in the water.

  Get out there and get swimming.









About My Goggles

About my goggles


A little back story

Hi, my name is Jo and after many years of using and selling swimming goggles, amongst other things for a high street retailer, I feel I have gained a wealth of knowledge in the very confusing and sometimes overwhelming world of swimming goggles and accessories.

Many people find choosing goggles almost impossible with so many manufactures who intern offer so many models to choose from, leisure goggles to performance racing goggles it can be a really confusing task. So many colors, shapes, sizes and fits!! It can also be a very expensive problem if you keep getting it wrong. And above all else it can just be really annoying once you have hit the pool. Having to stop re-adjust, empty out demist and set off again. It interrupts the flow and just gets plain boring and lets face it we don’t need anymore reasons not to go swimming on a freezing cold and wet day in the middle of winter…….do we?

Having suffered this problem myself on many occasions I felt that offering the insights that I have gained over the years and with my expert retail knowledge and fitting experience that I could maybe help others discover their best fit and their best selves in the pool with the most suitable goggle for every ability level.

I would be glad to help relieve the pain and stress that can be caused when you know the time has come to replace those old favorites…..or you have just managed to misplace them or left them hanging on the changing room hook!!!


My mission

The goal of this site is mainly to cut down the stress or anxiety that can be caused when faced with a massive range of what on the face of it appear to be a wall of very similarly looking objects that all claim to fit well and offer the most comfort for the user.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to respond and do my very best to help you out.

All the best,

Jo x

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