Adult swimming goggles……… The fit



So Let’s start at the beginning with…..

Adult swimming Goggles

There are many brands that need to be considered when buying adult swimming goggles. Not only the look or the price but most importantly the fit. The frame seal of the goggles should be placed against the eyes and most good retailers will allow you to do this as quite frankly it is the only real way to test the fit properly.

The Seal

take the swimming googles out to the packet carefully and press the frame against your eyes without using the head strap. There are different types of frames available but we can talk about that later. Press the chosen seal firmly against your face and should get a good suction around the entire seal allowing the swimming goggles to stay on the face for a few seconds. After a few seconds the frame may pop off which is absolutely fine as you are not using the strap as there is at least a few seconds of suction to start with. If there is no suction at all then this is probably not the right frame shape for you and you can move on to the next style. Go through the procedure again until you find the correct frame shape for your face. Let’s face it we are all different and what suits your friend will not necessarily suit you.

The strap

The strap is there to keep the goggles on your head and should not be used to create a seal. The strap should be worn at a level in line with your eyes or just gently in an upwards direction and should be adjusted to provide a comfortable and secure fit without leaving heavy ring marks (this is a particular problem for us ladies due to the super soft delicate and sensitive skin below the eyes)

If your chosen swimming goggles have a split strap then one strap should be worn around the head inline with the eyes and the other one should be worn in a slightly higher position and in an upward direction



Nose bridge

Some swimming goggles have a fixed nose bridge which is quite often made of silicone and will stretch to fit comfortably over the nose, whilst others may have adjustable nose bridges which can be altered to fit. Both systems should offer a comfortable solution and depending on the shape of your nose and the depth of your eyes will depend on which style suits you best.

So with all these points in mind you should now be feeling a little more confident in getting the right fit. now we need to move on to the other sizes available



Where to buy swimming goggles

In an ideal world I would always recommend a visit to your local sports store and get help and advice from the trained staff in store. They will be able to help and advise you with your purchase, and will allow you to discuss your swimming goggle needs and help you choose the perfect model for you. But i also  understand that we dont live in an ideal world and that this can be tricky with the busy lives we lead so online purchases are a necessity for a lot of people and using this site may make your decision a little easier for you.






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