About My Goggles

About my goggles


A little back story

Hi, my name is Jo and after many years of using and selling swimming goggles, amongst other things for a high street retailer, I feel I have gained a wealth of knowledge in the very confusing and sometimes overwhelming world of swimming goggles and accessories.

Many people find choosing goggles almost impossible with so many manufactures who intern offer so many models to choose from, leisure goggles to performance racing goggles it can be a really confusing task. So many colors, shapes, sizes and fits!! It can also be a very expensive problem if you keep getting it wrong. And above all else it can just be really annoying once you have hit the pool. Having to stop re-adjust, empty out demist and set off again. It interrupts the flow and just gets plain boring and lets face it we don’t need anymore reasons not to go swimming on a freezing cold and wet day in the middle of winter…….do we?

Having suffered this problem myself on many occasions I felt that offering the insights that I have gained over the years and with my expert retail knowledge and fitting experience that I could maybe help others discover their best fit and their best selves in the pool with the most suitable goggle for every ability level.

I would be glad to help relieve the pain and stress that can be caused when you know the time has come to replace those old favorites…..or you have just managed to misplace them or left them hanging on the changing room hook!!!


My mission

The goal of this site is mainly to cut down the stress or anxiety that can be caused when faced with a massive range of what on the face of it appear to be a wall of very similarly looking objects that all claim to fit well and offer the most comfort for the user.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to respond and do my very best to help you out.

All the best,

Jo x


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